Advocating for Our Chronic Disease Community 

This April, the Chronic Care Collaborative joined up with the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI) for their Health Care Day of Action at the State Capitol building. Incredible advocates from across Colorado came together to share with their representatives what affordable and dependable health care means to them. After socializing with fellow volunteers over a delicious breakfast in the cafeteria, advocates were matched with experienced lobby captains to review important health legislation under consideration this session. Then, the groups established a plan of action for making contact with each volunteer’s elected officials. Amid the flurry of excitement that coursed throughout the marble halls, Colorado citizens just like you had candid conversations with state senators and representatives alike. It was empowering to interface one-on-one with the people who make crucial decisions about health care in the place we call home. We want to thank all of the Senators and Representatives who took the time to speak with us, CCHI for organizing this fantastic event, and most of all, our amazing advocates! Never forget that your voice matters.

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