What Is Advocacy And Why Is It Important?

If you do not ask for anything, you will not get anything.

Advocacy is the act of influencing people by telling your story to create change. Yes, we can get together to protest but to make a real difference it is more about an ongoing sustained engagement on issues that impact the lives of persons living with chronic disease- that is advocacy.

Who do we try to influence and educate?

  • Our Colorado state legislators are citizens who have been elected and serve part-time. Often they do not have the time or ability to analyze and research complex healthcare issues
  • Policy makers who range in tenure and expertise. Policy makers such as executive staff in state government departments and the Governor’s office
  • Members of boards, commissions, and think tanks that take a deeper look into complex issues and then present those options to various policy makers

“I mean, I enjoy my work as an actor. But to make a difference in people’s lives through advocacy and through supporting research- that’s the kind of privilege that few people will get, and it’s certainly bigger than being on TV every Thursday for half an hour.”

Michael J. Fox

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