“I mean, I enjoy my work as an actor. But to make a difference in people’s lives through advocacy and through supporting research- that’s the kind of privilege that few people will get, and it’s certainly bigger than being on TV every Thursday for half an hour.”

Michael J. Fox

Why Should You Advocate?

If you do not ask for anything, you will not get anything.

Advocacy is the act of influencing people by telling your story to create change. Real change occurs when we make a sustained, ongoing engagement on issues that impact people with chronic conditions and their caregivers. 

Want to advocate more effectively? Here are our three simple steps to make a powerful statement!

  • Wow!

    Make an impactful first statement!


    “Step therapy protocols require patients like me to fail at least one other treatment before receiving our doctor’s recommended treatment. This means I have to delay the treatment my doctor wants me to take. It is unfair that my MS has to progress before insurance will cover medicine my doctor wanted me to have in the first place”

  • How?

    What is the lawmaker’s role in this issue? 


    “For those with diseases such as MS, prolonging ineffective treatment (and delaying access to the right treatment) may result in increased disease activity, loss of function and possible irreversible progression of disability. 

    Applying for exception procedures can be tedious and complicated, involving significant and complicated paperwork for providers. 

    Colorado needs to let the decision of prescription medication be between the patient and the provider.”

  • Now!

    Make your ask!


    “Now is the time for the Colorado legislature to make health care coverage more dependable and affordable. Please support Rep. Jodeh and Rep. Sirota’s House Bill 1183 that will clarify step therapy exceptions for those with chronic illness, helping keep medical decisions between a patient and their doctor.”

Legislator Lookup

Change starts by contacting our leaders and asking for it. This tool allows you to find your local legislators by simply entering your address. A list of your elected officials and ways to contact them will be displayed.

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