What is the Colorado Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB)?

Prescription drug affordability is a topic that is top of mind for the 62% of Coloradans who live with a chronic condition and their families. In September, CCC and 13 partner organizations sent this letter to the Colorado Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB), urging them to use a person-centered lens when reviewing the affordability of prescription drugs.

PDAB was initially established under SB21-175 and updated under HB23-1225. The board’s purpose is to review prescription drug costs for affordability. Each year, PDAB may select up to five prescription drugs to review. This year, the drugs being reviewed are Enbrel, Genvoya, Cosentyx, Stelara, and Trikafta. The board considers 14 components of affordability when reviewing the selected drugs. PDAB and their review process are still new in Colorado, learn more about the review process and how you can attend meetings here

PDAB conducts focus groups for each of the drugs being reviewed to learn about the experiences of individuals impacted by the cost of the medications. There will still be one more focus group for Trikafta on October 10th. Register for that focus group here! The focus groups  for the four other medications have already passed for this year. PDAB is also conducting a survey for individuals and families who are impacted by any of the drugs being reviewed this year. This survey is still accessible, the deadline for responses is October 12th, 2023. If you or someone you care for has ever been prescribed Enbrel, Genvoya, Cosentyx, Stelara, or Trikafta, please fill out this survey to share your experiences with PDAB. If you or your organization have more you would like to share with PDAB about the medications being reviewed, both individuals and groups are encouraged to reach out via this email: dora_ins_pdab@state.co.us .

The drug reviews being done this year are just the beginning of the work PDAB is set to do. Each year they can select up to five new prescription drugs to review their affordability. If medications you have been prescribed were not selected this year, they may be chosen in the future. If a medication you have been prescribed is being reviewed currently, it is important that you share your perspective and experiences so that PDAB has the information to make informed, person-centered decisions.

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