2020 Chronic Disease Awareness Day

Register for VIRTUAL Chronic Disease Awareness Day, March 19, 2020!

Let’s share our story, not our germs!

In Colorado we are #DoingOurPartCO to flatten the curve and keep COVID-19 from spreading. We care deeply for your health and the health of our entire community and have changed Chronic Disease Awareness Day to be a VIRTUAL advocacy day.

Please join us on March 19th from 8:30-10:30am to participate in our VIRTUAL Chronic Disease Awareness Day. We will be conducting a webinar and discussing a variety of impactful ways to digitally engage with elected officials.

It will be a wonderful opportunity to hear from experts on health care policy priorities that are being considered at the Colorado State Capitol now, like improving access to clinical trials, access to prescription drugs, and improving health insurance affordability for all Coloradans.

We will cover meaningful strategies to influence policy by sharing your story and your support for meaningful policy change with your elected officials.

Our voices are always stronger together and I know we will make a big splash on the 19th! We look forward to this powerful, digital way to coordinate making our voices heard to improve health care for all people living with chronic conditions. Please keep the conversation going online using #ChronicDiseaseCO.

Thank you all for your flexibility, understanding, and your continued engagement!

Webinar speakers include: