Colorado Medical Exemption Program

Energy assistance programs can be a crucial lifeline for people with medical conditions who need to maintain a consistent temperature in their homes or run medical equipment that requires electricity. In many cases, medical conditions can increase energy bills, making it difficult for low-income households to keep up with the costs.

The Colorado Medical Exemption Program (CMEP) is a special energy assistance program offered by Xcel Energy and Black Hills Energy and overseen by the Chronic Care Collaborative. The program provides lower electric rates to customers who meet specific medical qualifications.

Overall, energy assistance programs can be a valuable resource for people with medical conditions who are struggling to cover their energy costs. By providing financial assistance and other resources, these programs can help ensure that households can maintain a safe and comfortable living environment while also managing the costs associated with their medical conditions.

Navigate to our Colorado Medical Exemption Program page to learn more and how to apply. 

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